I understand firsthand the fear of having a stranger look at your work, but if you choose me, you won’t be disappointed! I graduated with a BA in English from Stanford University and a MFA in Creative Writing from Kingston University and am an Author Mentor Match finalist. I have experience with work written by people who don’t claim English as their first-language and have seen manuscripts in all stages of completion. I am most familiar with contemporaries, fantasies, and science fiction, so I will be most beneficial to those genres. 

On the more academic side of things, I’ve edited legal documents, college apps, essays, research papers, and dissertations; varying types of work aren’t something I shy away from.

As for my editing style… full disclosure, I am a very blunt commenter and will spend more time on things that didn’t work for me, rather than positive things. I get to the root of things and focus on how to fix them. However, since I tend not to comment on things I liked in-line (the edit letter is a different story), this can mean the document might only have critiques on it. Please take note of this before you book one of my services!

I'm also open to questions - feel free to e-mail me with anything you're curious about!


Academic Writing

From essays (college applications, homework, etc) and theses to cover letters, resumes, and online content, I will provide an in-depth critique of your work.


Creative Writing

Services ranging from pitch edits, query reviews, brainstorming sessions, and line and content edits are on offer.